Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let's try this....
Company Overview:
We are an elementary school dedicated to creating 21st Century Learners. We offer small class size, multi-age classes and team teaching! Students get to experience all the Fine Arts PLUS we integrate technology, writing, science and social studies themes into the curriculum. Some other things we do at Stratford are: * our curriculum is aligned with IOWA CORE * PBS- 3 B's * CGI mathmatics * use CAFE strategies * use Project Based Learning * use Smart Boards in every class * We have 3 computer... (read more)
Stratford Community School District is a community of learners where there are high levels of learning for all students and teachers.
We "produce" 21st Learners!

showcase some of our students 21st century skills on Facebook...even though it is blocked in our schools.

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