Sunday, November 7, 2010

About Me - Rick Glass

My name is Rick Glass.  After a 30-year career in the automotive aftermarket, I chose to enter the world of elementary education.  For the past five years, I have been teaching fourth grade at Harrison Elementary School in Warsaw, Indiana.

I am passionate about helping children learn to love learning.  As the father of five and grandfather to 25, I care deeply about creating authentic, engaging learning opportunities for my students.  I actively pursue project-based learning experiences on a global school.  I teach my students to develop personal learning networks with other students from a wide variety of cultures.

With the help and support of administrators, peers, and friends, I have developed a 1:1 student/computer learning environment.  Technology integration is at the heart of our activities and motivates my students to achieved more than they dreamed possible.  We actively network with more than sixty learning partners around the world.  Our credo is to "Work hard.  Be Nice.  Learn Well."

Personally, I am driven to use any possible method to help my students achieve success as learners.  Many of those tools are blocked or filtered and a number of school policies restrict opportunities for student success.  With this blog, I intend to explore a wide variety of thoughts and opinions that shape 21st century education.   My purpose is to stretch my thinking and offer my students the most effective education available.

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